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The problem with this recommendation is that if one feels hungry, they will hardly fall asleep. The dieting method just requires one to sedate themselves with either sleeping pills or force themselves to fall asleep.

We have a range of information on the site about healthy eating to help. Others are already using sedatives. One of the approaches involves trying to catch sleep as much as possible.

For a list of our experts highest rated weight loss diets, click the link here. Sedatives can be addictive and can give you an arguably worse problem than the extra weight you want to lose.

While on this diet one is relying on starvation and an extreme caloric deficit in order to produce weight loss.

The Women Sleeping Their Lives Away to Lose Weight

Other studies have also linked sleeping too much to obesity. However, many health issues are associated with regular use of sedatives. Anyone worried about themselves or someone they know should seek advice from a doctor at the earliest opportunity.

Our experts have compiled a list of the highest rated weight loss diets here. Sedatives will also help the person to catch sleep faster.

It's the seemingly effortless nature of the diet that makes it appealing to young women, Wade tells Broadly. During sleep, one cannot eat calories that may lead to weight gain.

The sedative pills interfere with the proper functioning of sleep hormones, and one may experience headaches, visual hallucinations, and loss of balance. WebMD likens the sleeping beauty diet to an eating disorder. Studies have also linked oversleeping to medical conditions such as diabetesheart diseaseand increased risk of death.

This weight loss method was made famous by Elvis. However, the risks that may result from this method outweigh its benefits. This diet has not been proven to be a safe and effective way to help weight loss by any means. Oversleeping can be harmful, too The truth is, sleeping too much has negative effects on health and well-being—and may also contribute to weight problems.

The method does not encourage the breakdown of fats. The 'Sleeping Beauty Diet' is a thing and some people are intentionally following the diet Out of the many crazy fad diets followed across the world, sleeping beauty diet is perhaps the most dangerous and detrimental to your health.

Wade says another harmful consequence is that sleeping for 20 hours each day comes at the cost of actually living your life.

What Is The Sleeping Beauty Diet—And Why Are People Doing It?

Some Fads can actually turn out to be an okay diet to follow, while others are dangerous and worthless when it comes to weight loss. The meal replacement has the vitamins and minerals to replace a full meal, with only 90 calories per serving.

The risks and problems associated with oversleeping go well beyond weight gain. So how can anybody actually sleep that long, you may ask. Over sleeping can also lead to waking up feeling low, sad, grumpy and depressive.What Is the Sleeping Beauty Diet?

The Sleeping Beauty Diet is a fad diet that majorly focuses on sleep. The idea behind this approach is that one needs to sleep for long periods. During sleep, one cannot eat. The diet program helps one to avoid consuming a lot of calories that lead to weight gain. Jan 31,  · 'Sleeping Beauty' Diet Is Bad For Your Health, Expert Warns More There are always new diets percolating, and one you might've heard about recently is the so-called " Sleeping Beauty David Oliver.

Aug 06,  · Some believe sleeping excessively can cause you to lose weight, but The Doctors deliver a strong warning against "The Sleeping Beauty Diet," also known as "narcorexia.". The trend involves taking sleep medications in order to sleep 10 to 20 hours.

One such fad diet is the Sleeping Beauty Diet. This diet was very popular with musical legend Elvis Presley. Basically for the Sleeping Beauty Diet, you are put under heavy sedation for several days in order to sleep off pounds%(1).

Aug 03,  · I was disturbed to read recent news about a diet fad that involves using sleeping pills and excessive sleeping to lose weight (not sleeping a normal amount, as described above).

The article suggests that this diet fad—which is being called narcorexia— is “new.” But I’m not so laurallongley.comon: N.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach,CA. Jan 25,  · The sleeping beauty diet or “narcorexia” is a dangerous and potentially deadly trend you need to be aware of. Subscribe to The Doctors:

Diet sleeping beauty
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