Black ghost natural diet

This seems to make him happy, and he will come out to swim more. Such a neat fish and we're hoping it's tank mates grow big and strong with it From: I have also fed my ghost knife with high quality flake and pellets, as well as live food which it loves - mosquito larvae and pantry moth grubs - both a good thing to get rid of!

PH is around 6. Although timid they are aggressive to their own kind but can be housed with other large peaceful fish such as Angelfish, Discus and Gourami. On the few occasions I've seen it open its mouth, it looks like a moray eel. As soon as lights are out at night he comes out like a storm eating the high protein sinking pellets and beef heart I add just beforehand his name is Shadow, not very creative but appropriate.

My own Black Ghost Knife has been living happily in a tank alongside a small school of Phantom Tetra's red and black and so far hasn't eaten any of them!

It is better to know about these before you bring home that jet black fish. Such a powerful filter is a comprehensive one with mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. My BGKF is extremely hardy. Tian Date: Conclusion The black Ghost Knife Fish is a friendly fish to have in the house.

And it is only advisable for the beginner hobbyists to know as much as possible about the fish to make its living a comfortable one in the aquarium. The BGK seems to prefer the bloodworms to the flake food and freeze dried blackworms which the others eat.

I don't recommend putting more than one. Our water is very hard, even with a water softener, and the pH is pretty high at 8. At night, most of the fish in the aquarium sit down on the aquarium floor motionless and the BGK gets out of its hiding place minutes after the lights are turned off and gets into action.

The BGK reacts very well to both live and prepared foods. Get a tank of liters size. As they are a nocturnal fish, they tend to only come out when the tank lights are off I bought a hollow "log" for him to make home and already had a huge roman coliseum in the tank for my smaller fish to swim in and out of.

Tank Size The fish grows to a big length. No, seriously, we have had a lot of success. They do seem to appreciate quality water conditions. But the fish does need some caring. Add your comments: Christina Date: He's with my 3 foot silver arowana, 8" pleco, and 14" oscar.

Great excitement we bought them in knowing that we knew nothing about them but because they seemed so peaceful and flowing tails I knew or thought I knew that we were able to introduce them to our gallon tank which consists of 6 x 3inch Dwarf Gourami's.

I do half tank water change every weeks. It should hence have some hiding places like the decorative plants and caves in the aquarium for its playful activities. Rufus is definitely my favorite freshwater fish.

What fish can i put with a Black Ghost Knife Fish?

The bleeding continued unabated for several minutes, causing severe distress to the subject. Wiggles" but after that he never touched another fish and I've had him now for almost 5 years.

I hope this can help others.Knifefish, fish guide for Black Ghost Knifefish, Apteronotus albifrons, Black Ghost fish information, descripton, and fish pictures, Apteronotus albifrons care, diet, habitat and lifespan, Black Ghost Knife Fish compatibility, tankmates and keeping it in the aquarium. The Black Ghost Knifefish is an unusual freshwater aquarium fish that originates from South America near the Amazonian Basin.

It belongs to the Ghost Knife Fish family and is capable of both producing and sensing electric signals in the water. The Black ghost is sensitive to water pollutants, changes in water conditions, and medications.

Although timid they are aggressive to their own kind but can be housed with other large peaceful fish such as Angelfish, Discus and Gourami.

How To Care Black Ghost Knife Fish

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The ultimate Black Ghost Knife Fish care guide that covers all you need to know including tank size, feeding, temperature, tank mates, diseases and more. One of the coolest fish to get for your aquarium by far is the Black Ghost Knife Fish. · A black ghost knife fish grows to be about 20 inches long, so it needs a huge tank (hundreds of gallons).

It also eats smaller fish (that's its natural diet in the wild), so you are limited to fish that are as big as the black ghost or bigger, but that will not bother Open.

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Black ghost natural diet
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